Best tips for painting a ceiling without getting tired

Best tips for painting a ceiling without getting tired

2022-05-10 Off By Jason

Painting a ceiling is not as simple as painting a wall. It is, however, the perfect way to brighten up a room. Although it is a complex task, there are several ways to do it easily. Here are some tips on how to paint a ceiling without getting tired.

Prepare to paint

Any job requires preparation and painting is no exception. Before you paint your ceiling, you need to be prepared. This involves choosing the right equipment and some safety precautions. The equipment is very important and strongly determines the amount of physical effort you will have to put in.

Tools needed

Painting a ceiling requires the use of a few specific items. The tools traditionally used to paint a wall will surely come in handy. But to paint your ceiling with ease, you will not be satisfied with the usual equipment. Thus, several objects and devices will be useful to you.

The telescopic handle

This tool is a perfect match for the paint roller. It is an extension handle that allows you to reduce the distance between the ceiling and you. It is adjustable and convenient and allows you to paint without hurting your arm or back.

The scaffold

For a cathedral ceiling, the usefulness of the telescopic handle becomes limited. You will then need a scaffold for the height. This avoids arm and shoulder pain.

If you don’t have a scaffold, use a stepladder. It can also be useful if your cathedral ceiling is not too high.

The ladder

For places that are much too high, the scaffolding will not be suitable. You need a ladder to paint stairwells, for example. Consider using the ladder as a bridge between a stepladder and a step. However, make sure that your installation is solid. If possible, do it in the presence of others to paint safely.

The roller

Choose the right paint roller. A short-haired roller: about 5 to 10 mm would be more suitable. To paint your ceiling, you should also choose a roller with a spindle frame. This will ensure sturdiness.

Ceiling cutting tools

Using tape by hand requires a lot of effort and takes more time than it should. For a fun way to cut, choose the cutting pliers or the cutting pad holder.

The decoupage tongs are attached to a long handle and allow you to reach the ceiling without much effort. Place your brush on the end and use it.

The decoupage pad holder is also very convenient, as it attaches directly to the handle. It has wheels. This prevents scratches when using it.

Be careful

Now that you have your equipment ready, you need to protect yourself properly to prevent some potential damage. To do this, there are several simple and effective steps you can take.

Protect your hair and eyes

Whether your hair is short or long, you should cover it with a cap or plastic bag. Be careful to avoid permeable hats. They won’t help you. Wear protective eyewear to paint with confidence. Since you’ll be looking up all the time, you’ll need to protect your eyes so that small drops don’t fall in.

Cover your floor and secure your space

Cover your floor with a mat. This will prevent you from staining it with paint.

To avoid breaking valuable items, clear your space before you start.

Store breakable items well away from you. Protect your furniture. Remove them from the room if possible. If not, cover them with waterproof blankets.

Choose the right paint and line your ceilings

Be careful not to confuse wall and ceiling paint. Don’t hesitate to get the right information before you buy your paint.

Ceiling-specific paints are thicker than wall paints and cover surfaces more easily.

Use tape to protect your walls. Delineate your ceilings to prevent paint from spilling over.

Apply paint to your ceiling

Once you’re properly equipped and protected, it’s time to move on to painting your ceiling. To begin, properly moisten the roller. Start by painting near the light, so near the window.

Use a brush and paint the edges and corners first. Use the roller to paint the rest of the ceiling. Don’t forget to use the scaffold, step ladder or ladder (depending on the height of the area you are painting).

Divide your ceiling into several squares and paint “square by square”. To paint without leaving roller marks, you can:

  • Paint in 1-square-meter squares
  • Apply thinner layers of paint
  • Paint with a roller from top to bottom
  • Cross from right to left in a V or W pattern
  • Smooth from top to bottom, etc.

Now you have the tips you need to paint your ceiling without getting tired. So get to work and follow our tips for painting in comfort.

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