Choosing colors for the exterior of your home in 2022 and 2023

Choosing colors for the exterior of your home in 2022 and 2023

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In this article, we give you tips on how to choose your home’s exterior color in 2022 and 2023. From gray to cream, through red or purple, there is no shortage of color choices for painting your exterior. Whether we are talking about a new house or an old one, a facade brings a unique touch to a construction. However, choosing the right paint color is not always easy. Find out how to choose paint colors for the exterior of your home in 2023

The trendy paint colors for a house facade in 2022 and 2023

The color of a facade is important for the exterior decoration of your home. To stand out from your neighbors, in 2022 and 2023 opt for a trendy paint color for the exterior of your home.


Always at the heart of the trend, red brings warmth to a facade. It’s a dynamic color with character that can brighten up a gloomy day. There are different shades of red: brick red, ochre red, rusty red, etc.

Charcoal gray

This is this year’s trend for home facades. The anthracite gray is a unique color between a mixture of black and gray with notes of dark blue. It will bring modernity to a house. It is a classic, yet timeless color that will boast the aesthetics of an exterior façade.

Sage green

This is the trend that has been all the rage for facades lately. It’s only recently hit the market, but has been a quick success. It’s a relaxing yet sophisticated hue. Sage green is modern. It will bring character and charm to an exterior. Moreover, it is a color that is different from others. It can blend well with the lawn of your garden.

Soothing colors for the exterior of a house

They bring serenity and calm to a house. Discover a selection of soothing colors for a facade.


A color that stays in trend over time, white brings simplicity and minimalism. Designers often use this color for homes with a contemporary style. It is a simple, yet effective color that can be mixed with different materials to bring contrast to your walls.

Pastel colors

Powdery pink, light blue and cream are now part of the soothing colors in vogue. We see more and more facades with pastel colors. It is the spirit of the typical London houses as the district of Notting Hill which inspire this kind of colors. They bring softness and friendliness.

The blue-gray

You can not miss this trend of blue gray that we see everywhere. The combination of the two colors makes for a unique hue. There are shades ranging from light blue-gray to dark gray. Blue-gray is a soothing color that works equally well outdoors or indoors.

Expanding spaces with color

If you’re looking to expand your space, avoid loud colors and choose the following colors.

Pastel blue

It his is a member of the pastel color family. It is an original color that can make the exterior of a house stand out. Its light and clear tone can bring grandeur to an exterior. Pastel blue will create depth and a sense of retreat.


It is a color that can seem quite strong for an exterior. Nevertheless, it will bring luminosity and enlargement. To nuance this color, it is possible to opt for the mauve which is less strong, but which will bring the same effect sought.


Always a light color that will differentiate itself from a warm color to bring a visual effect of retreat. It is also a soothing color and trend of the year. This hue is neutral and will bring an effect of grandeur to an exterior.

Now you know what exterior color to choose for the front of your home in 2022.

Matching the colors of your facade with other elements

It is important to match the color of your facade with that of your roof, for example. Indeed, if you are planning to renovate the facade, you will have to take into account the color of the roof and the shutters before the renovation. Whether you put plaster or paint your house, the color should match the shutters. It is also possible to create interesting contrasts with the roof and shutters.
For example, a white house with an orange roof and electric blue shutters. So, choosing the right facade color depends on many factors. You can use a color chart to plan the color scheme. By placing selected colors from the color chart side by side, you can project whether the color combination you are considering for your home will work together.

The problem of color for a decorative metal facade

Whether you want to match the color of the facade with something else, seek to expand the spaces, or soften the visual effect of the building, you must choose a color for your exterior. In any case, if it is in the renovation plans of the building in which you live, you should choose the color of your decorative facade to give it exactly the effect you want. We often dream about how our building will look before the work is done, and we have ideas, without knowing if it will really be like that in the end. But by choosing a color, you have a much more precise idea of what the building will look like afterwards. So you can be sure that it will be in line with what you had envisioned beforehand.

The metal itself can give a certain cachet to a building, something modern. But we have seen it many times: it only lasts a few years, the original color of the metal does not always age well, depending on the weather in particular. So choosing a paint to color the facade is a good idea. In addition, it will protect it and therefore make it last much longer. This is also the problem with painting a metal façade. From then on, the building will keep a beautiful aesthetic, and you will undoubtedly take pride in being one of the inhabitants of this beautiful building, which everyone looks at with envy. The pleasure also comes from being happy to live in a beautiful place and not just because you have made an effort to make the interior decoration look good.


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