Need a Berber carpet for your decoration : how to choose ?

Need a Berber carpet for your decoration : how to choose ?

2022-07-20 Off By Jason

A successful interior design is not the result of chance. That’s why you have to choose good accessories. Thus, to make a magnificent choice of your Berber carpet, you must take into account certain factors.

So what are the clues to finding the right Berber carpet for you?

The color, the material, the bangs

The color, the material, the bangs are three inseparable elements in the choice of a Berber carpet.

The color

Berber carpets have most of the time quite special colors. They are mostly bright with pigmentations more or less crafted to bring a natural and sophisticated side.

Tastes and colors, we do not argue. However, the choice of the color must be in harmony with the room in which the carpet wishes to be placed, because it has an impact on the style and the standard of living.

The material

A Berber carpet is automatically recognized by its texture made of sheep’s wool. The very soft touch reveals the extra virgin and undyed nature of the wool used.

Therefore, a carpet that is not pleasant to the touch is not Berber. This type of carpet is indeed unique and cannot be confused with other types of carpets.

The bangs

The specificity of Berber carpets is to have bangs on one side. They are made by weavers and represent the particularity of these carpets. All Berber carpets have this signature shape to show their originality and their particularity.

Some pieces that do not have this aspect give the impression of Berber at first glance, but are not in reality. These points are not to be taken lightly when you choose to have what you want. You must therefore be very careful. Berber rugs are very chic.

Identify the budget and the use of the carpet

The budget most often influences the choices. It is important to remember that taking a Berber carpet that is not in your ropes is useless. You must choose according to your wallet to avoid getting into debt.

Setting a bar or limit is an excellent way to make a consistent choice without having to worry after the purchase. Also, it is advisable to be well informed before committing to this path to have time to prepare yourself financially.

You risk not buying the real thing if you make the decision on a whim and your budget is not consistent.

As for the use of the carpet, the choice must be made according to the room that will host it. You must therefore take into account the dimensions and the location so that it is really the decorative object of your dreams.

The quality of the carpet must be preserved especially when it is a daily use.

How to maintain a Berber carpet?

Learning about the maintenance of a Berber rug is crucial before you buy it. Because if you don’t have the means to maintain it, the carpet will not last in your home. It will quickly lose its shine and will no longer be beautiful to admire by your visitors.

Therefore, it is recommended to:

  • Clean the stains daily with water and Marseille soap or white vinegar ;
  • Vacuum the dirt regularly with your vacuum cleaner;
  • Perform a deep cleaning a few times a year.

In the meantime, to find a good Berber carpet, you need to get the right information and go to the right place. Thus, you will bring a new touch of decoration to your home and feel more comfortable.

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