Offer yourself customized neon lights for your company

Offer yourself customized neon lights for your company

2022-04-10 Off By Jason

In companies as in trade in general, the competition is getting tougher every day. For that, some providers choose to stand out in a rather original way, the use of neon signs. What is a neon sign and why use it?

This article provides some answers.

What is a neon sign?

A neon sign, also known as an illuminated sign, is a type of sign that is made up of one or more neon tubes as needed. Neon tubes are made by a glass blower or “neonist“. There are two types of neon signs:

  • The glass neon sign where the lighting is obtained through fluorescent tubes;
  • The flexible neon sign which is based on the most recent lighting technologies.

Why choose a neon sign?

The neon sign is now preferred by many businesses and companies, because of its many advantages.

It can be adapted

The neon sign can be adapted to any shape or support. Indeed, not all signs can match the supports that are provided or even the shape of the sign that can often represent a logo. With a neon sign, this problem is solved.

It offers a 360° lighting angle

Apart from the adaptability of the neon sign, the latter is able to offer a 360° lighting. This type of lighting is very beneficial in that it diffuses the light, in general, soft and homogeneous, which will avoid a loss of brightness.

It has a wide range of colors

Neon signs can diffuse a wide variety of colors. Whatever colors you choose to display, neon signs will be able to diffuse them effectively. You will have no problem diffusing the colors of your logo.

It has tubes of different diameters

Besides its adaptability or its ability to diffuse many colors, the neon sign is available in different diameter sizes. This allows you to choose the best size according to the measurements of your sign.

It can last several years with 24 hour lighting

The neon sign can last for many years. In indoor lighting, it can work for 7 years assuming constant operation without interruption (power outage, shutdown…). Under the same conditions, the neon sign can last 4 years if it is used outside.

How to choose your neon sign ?

The choice of a neon sign goes through 4 essential steps.

The choice of the neon

There are neon light strips on the market that you can choose for your signs. They are economical and long lasting. You can find them in many diameters.

The choice of the style of the illuminated sign

There are many different types of signs on the market. Depending on your taste, personality and expectations, you can choose the right sign. There are aluminum, brass or plexiglass boxes, among others.

The choice of shapes and materials

When choosing an illuminated sign, it is important to take into account not only the materials but also the shapes. Generally, manufacturers make signs in PVC, iron and stainless steel among others. Speaking of shapes, there is also a multitude of them, including square, rectangle, ellipse or circle depending on the shape of your logo.

Defining the budget

After defining the type of sign you need with all the specifics, you will now have to plan the budget necessary for its acquisition. You can start by asking about the different prices. The best thing to do would be to make an appointment with a company specialized in this type of service in order to get a quote.

Need customized neon signs for your business? Define your expectations well before planning the budget that corresponds to your project.

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