The Best Strategies for Mixing Patterns in Coastal Home Decor

2023-01-26 Off By Jason

How to Create a Stylish Coastal Home with Pattern Mixing

Making a coastal home look stylish can be challenging. Luckily, pattern mixing is the perfect way to add some character to your coastal home. There is a fine line between tasteful and downright tacky when it comes to mixing patterns in your home decor – done right, the effect can be stunning in any coastal setting. Read on for our top tips for how to mix patterns in coastal home decor.

1. Pick Two Base Colors

The key to successful pattern mixing is a well thought-out color scheme. To get started, choose a couple of base colors for your scheme. For a coastal home, blues, greens, and sandy neutrals usually work well. From this point, everything you introduce into the home should draw from these tones.

2. Introduce Patterns

Now you’re ready to start adding pops of pattern along with your base colors. When creating a pattern mix, it’s best to select a variety of small and big patterns. A few larger, more obvious patterns can help to create a bold statement and can be layered with smaller, more subtle ones. Don’t be afraid to mix and match geometric, floral, and traditional patterns – just remember to stick to a consistent color palette.

3. Introduce Texture

If you’re looking to add an extra layer of style to your coastal home, texture can be a great additional element. For example, corduroy or velvet can be used around the edges of your look, or bamboo and rattan furniture can be added to bring natural texture to your decor. You could also introduce texture through objects in the home – a vintage oar propped against the wall or a basket of shells on the mantelpiece.

4. Add Some Accessories

Accessories are a great way of bringing your patterned look to life. A few carefully chosen artworks displaying your chosen palette can make a world of difference. Throws and cushions are another great way of introducing texture, texture and color, while who throws and vases of flowers can also be a fabulous addition to any coastal-themed room.

5. Don’t forget Textiles

Swapping out textiles such as curtains, rugs and table linen can be an easy but very effective way of introducing patterns and texture. Choose either small prints or bold block colors for your window treatments, depending on the overall look you’re trying to create. A feature rug is also a great way to introduce a patterned look and can be layered over existing carpets for an eclectic, inviting effect.

Final Thoughts

Mixing patterns effectively and tastefully can bring a coastal home to life. Remember to stick to a matched color palette and to use a range of different sizes and shapes of pattern. Plus, always don’t forget to add an extra dimension with texture and accessories. Taking the time to create a pattern mix in your coastal home is a great way to show off your own unique style and to create a show-stopping look.

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