The Best Ways to Incorporate Bohemian Home Decor in a Rental

The Best Ways to Incorporate Bohemian Home Decor in a Rental

2023-04-13 Off By Jason

Cheap and Easy Bohemian Home Decor Ideas for Renters

Living in a rental doesn’t mean you have to give up on giving your home a Bohemian touch. Although rental properties can be limiting in terms of the type of decor and renovations that can be made to the space, there are still some creative and stylish ways to get a Bohemian vibe in your home without having to break apart your lease agreement.

To help, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks on how you can add some Bohemian style to any rental property, without having to invest in expensive renovations or decor updates.

Pick Out A Mood Board

Creating a mood board is an easy way to define and visualize the type of Bohemian home decor style that you’re looking to achieve in your rental. Start by adding images, art and furniture to your board that reflect the type of Bohemian interiors that you’d like for your rental. This will help to define the type of décor elements and pieces that will help you to create the look.

Think Rugs, Rugs, and More Rugs

Rugs are great in a rental home, not just because they will add a touch of Bohemian flair, but they are also a great way to incorporate comfort, warmth and softness to a space. Look for a shag rug, sheepskins, Kelims, or vintage rugs. You can also reinvigorate any existing rugs you have with a unique pattern or design.

Mix Up Your Fabrics

You don’t have to be limited to the existing upholstery and material options in the space. Fabrics like cotton, linen, velvet, and sheer options are a great way to add a Bohemian touch in any room. Look for mismatched covers for throw pillows, hang layers of textiles, or add colorful curtains or tassel trim for windows or doors.

Books and More Books

Adding books to the shelves or walls is a great way to bring the room to life with Bohemian texture. Invest in some vintage-looking books or blankets to layer on the walls. You can also stack books in piles on side tables, coffee tables, and other furniture.

Plants and House Plants

When it comes to Bohemian décor, you can never go wrong with adding some greenery to the space. Think trailing plants, leafy greens and even some cactus. House plants are also a great way to bring a touch of nature to a room.

Incorporate Wood

Wood is natural, rustic and adds a touch of warmth to any room. From wooden shelves to rustic furniture, look for pieces that add a natural earthy look. You can even paint existing furniture in your rental with a wood-look paint finish.

Mixed Metallics

Gold, brass and copper metallics can add an elegant touch to your décor. Look for pieces made of mixed metals, like side tables, lamps, candles, or wall hangings. Start with small accents and details, and add more metallics as you go.

Use Natural Elements

The key to Bohemian décor is using elements of nature. Look for creative and unexpected pieces like ropes, crystal balls, baskets, driftwood, or rocks. Crushed velvet is also a great option to add some texture. Mix and match colors and materials for an eclectic look.

Bohemian home décor can be achieved with a little creativity and knowledge. Use these hints and tricks to give your rental property a boho touch that speaks to you and your style.

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