The Best Ways to Incorporate Coastal Home Decor in a small space

The Best Ways to Incorporate Coastal Home Decor in a small space

2023-04-03 Off By Jason

How to Create a Relaxing Coastal Home in a Small Space

Designing a coastal home in a small space can be a challenge but it is achievable with the right design elements. Coastal design often brings to mind vast blue skies and the picturesque ocean nearby. These designs evoke the feeling of being near the sea and create a relaxed ambiance. Even if you don’t have access to an ocean view, you can still achieve a coastal look in a small space with strategic coastal home decor.

1. Keep it Cozy and Simple

The key to creating a small coastal home is keeping the design simple and uncluttered. A cozy atmosphere creates the illusion of a larger space, while embracing harsh elements gives a raw and natural touch. Incorporate simple and natural elements, such as knotted rugs, bamboo furniture, and nautical-inspired pieces. You don’t need ambitious artwork or bright colors. Even a splash of blue or green can give your small space the coastal vibe you’re looking for.

2. Use Color & Textiles to Evoke the Feeling of the Sea

When creating a coastal look in a small space, choose colors that evoke the sea. These include light blue, gray-blue, white, green, and sandy taupe. Finish the look with a tasteful combination of textures and natural elements, like wicker, painted wood, and gauzy linen. Add a few bright and bold accents to set off the calming ocean hues and you’ve achieved a distinct coastal look in a small space.

3. Accessorize with Natural Elements

To really set off the coastal decor and add a cozy touch, try accessorizing your small space with things like seashells and driftwood. You can use natural elements throughout your home to give it a beach feel, such as sea salt-themed candles and lamps made of driftwood or sea-inspired glass. And don’t forget the other elements of nature such as ocean-view themed wall art, greenery, and feathers.

4. Add a Splash of Natural Light

Making clever use of natural light can also help maximize space and add to the coastal feel of your home. Place furniture near open windows, hang sheer curtains to bring in the sunshine, and use white furniture to reflect the light. Natural light is necessary to make a coastal design feel complete and give your small space the feeling of a much larger, open beach house.

Creating a coastal feel in a small space doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right design elements and use of space, you can create a relaxing home that brings the ocean right to your doorstep. From subtle hues to tasteful textures, coastal decor can make your home feel cozy and inviting. Simple and easy furnishings, natural elements, and natural light are all you need to bring out the best in your new coastal home.

Now that you have some ideas for incorporating coastal home decor in a small space, get out there and create a home that feels like a breath of fresh air!

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