The Importance of Layering in Bohemian Home Decor

2023-05-09 Off By Jason

What Makes Layering a Popular Home Decorating Technique

Bohemian home decor is one of the most popular and timeless home design trends out there. There’s something special about the effortless and organic styles associated with boho decor, which has made it an evergreen choice in home design.

At the heart of boho decor lies the concept of layering. Layering is an art form that involves combining different colors, textures, materials, styles, and shapes. It creates a unique look that breaks away from a standard home decor rules, making it look like each piece is hand-selected and carefully arranged with thought.

The Benefits of Layering

Layering home decor can bring a number of benefits. Here are the reasons why layering is so popular among boho decor lovers:

  • Creates visual interest: Layering brings together textures, patterns, and colors for an eclectic and homey look. Each layer adds complexity and creates a sense of vibrancy which can draw the eye in.
  • Blends together styles: Since boho decor emphasizes effortless and mismatched pieces, layering is the perfect way to create a harmonious blend of different home decor styles. Adding a touch of modern or vintage gives the space depth, personality, and character.
  • Personalizes the home: When you take the time to layer different items, you create a space that’s unique to you. That feeling of curation and personalized care is what gives a boho space its special charm.
  • Create unexpected combinations: Layering is all about experimenting with different textures, colors, styles, and shapes. By breaking away from conventional home design rules, you can create unexpected and exciting combinations that add personality and life to your home.

Tips on How to Layer for Bohemian Home Decor

If you want to learn the boho decor layering technique, here are some tips to help you out:

  • Choose quality items: Start by looking for quality furniture, rugs, and home accessories. Quality items will have better textures, finishes, and materials, which helps to create a unified and polished look.
  • Start from the base up: Think of layering as an art of building upon an existing layer – like an onion. Start from the base and build up, making sure all the elements are balanced and complement each other.
  • Work with patterns and colors: Layer different patterns and colors for a vibrant and eye-catching look. Don’t be afraid to mix print and solid colors to create interest. Work around a color palette of 3 – 5 colors to keep it from becoming overwhelming.
  • Mix it up: Alchemy is a key concept in boho decor. You don’t need to stick to furniture of the same style. Feel free to mix vintage, modern, classic, and antique items to bring personality to the space.


Layering is an integral part of boho home decor. It enables you to work with different elements to create an environment that’s unique and has the right feel and energy. If you’re into boho decor, try out layering with the tips above and make your home truly yours.

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