The Top Tips for Creating a Bohemian Laundry Room

The Top Tips for Creating a Bohemian Laundry Room

2023-03-02 Off By Jason

The Ultimate Guide to Designing a Beautiful Bohemian Laundry Room

Creating a stunning laundry room that embraces a Bohemian aesthetic is easier than you think. A Bohemian-style laundry area helps to add a touch of boho-chic to any home, without the need for major renovations or a total remodel.

Whether you have a large or small space, you can create the perfect room with just a few simple design touches.

Below are our top tips for creating a unique and stylish Bohemian laundry room.

1. Choose Comfy Flooring

Making your laundry room as comfortable as possible is one of the most important steps in creating a Bohemian look. Select a floor covering that is both soft and calming. Try going for a warm, natural material like bamboo, timber or jute. For a cooler look, you could select a ceramic tile or rug.

2. Include Plenty of Natural Light

If you want to get the best out of your bohemian-style laundry room, you’ll need to make sure it’s light and airy. Where possible, add a large window. If this isn’t possible, try to use bright lighting. Hanging some sheer curtains around the window can also help to add a touch of texture in your room.

3. Invest in Decorative Pieces

Adding a few key accent pieces to your laundry room will give it a distinctive boho feel. This could include rugs, woven baskets, plant pots, and wall hangings. You may also want to add some colorful bowls and cotton or wicker baskets to place on shelves.

4. Select Furniture with a Handcrafted Feel

When it comes to furniture, opt for pieces that have a unique, handmade look. Go for options made of wood, with a classic, rustic design. You can sand and varnish them up if needed, or leave them in their natural state. A large sideboard or a wooden trunk is perfect for storing washing products.

5. Hang a Clothes Line

Paper-thin garments can be hung on a clothes line in order to dry. Also, the sight of the clothes blowing in the wind is classically associated with the Bohemian lifestyle. If you attach the clothes line to a ceiling height beam and hang lanterns from it, even better!

6. Must-Have Appliances

You need to select a large washer/dryer combination that has a stackable design, which is perfect for spaces that don’t have large floor plans. Clamp-style retractable hoses, such as washing machine hoses, are also a great idea, as they allow you to easily store away your appliances and clear the room of clutter.

7. Don’t Forget the Details

Finally, adding some pretty details to your laundry room will complete the look. Items that you may want to include include:

  • Scented candles and essential oils – Use scented candles and essential oils (such as lavender) as a way of keeping the room smelling stylish.
  • Garment racks – Look for decorative garment racks and wardrobe rails for easy storage and drying opportunities.
  • Paintings and rugs – Hang some artwork or rugs on the walls of your laundry room to add vibrancy and a unique dimension.
  • Mirrors – Consider adding a beveled mirror to your laundry room, which will help to bring an open, airy feel and give the illusion of more space.

Creating a gorgeous Bohemian laundry room is a great way to transform a mundane space into a chic and stylish room. With just a few simple updates and decorative touches, you can quickly create a uniquely designed laundry room that matches your lifestyle.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and have picked up a few tips on how to design your own Bohemian laundry room.

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