The Top Tips for Creating a Bohemian Living Room

The Top Tips for Creating a Bohemian Living Room

2023-04-18 Off By Jason

Creating a Boho-Luxe Living Room with These Essential Designer Tips

The bohemian, or boho-luxe, style of interior decor is popular among young creative urbanites, and mastering the art of creating a chic and livable boho space is an ongoing goal of many design enthusiasts. Featuring an eclectic mix of retro and modern pieces, and a carefully considered color palette, creating a bohemian living room is both a challenge and a joy. Here are some key tips from interior designers on how to customise your very own bohemian living room.

1. Choose a Color Palette that Fits Your Aesthetic

When it comes to bohemian and boho-luxe, the use of complimentary and bold colors is a must. Choosing non-primary colors that fit within the same family will create a harmonious and stylish atmosphere. Consider earth tones like terracotta, burnt oranges and deep yellows, as well as smoked blues, off-greens and purples. For added texture and a unique boho vibe, try adding some graphic black and white patterns to your walls.

2. Illuminate Your Space with Retro and Vintage Fixtures

Lamps and lighting fixtures add a distinct character and charm to your bohemian living room. Look to retro and vintage styles to draw attention to certain objects and add a unique level of character and rusticness to the space. Light switches featuring brass are a simple addition that brings luxury and classic style, while delicate pendants add a classy charm and complete the look.

3. Invest in Quality Textiles for Balance and Comfort

Textiles are one of the pieces that really bring the boho-luxe look together. Choosing the right combination of cushions and throws is essential for achieving a cozy, layered feel. Incorporate earthy tones, vintage patterns and soft fabrics in your textiles to create a balanced and inviting atmosphere.

4. Add Natural Wood Finishes for That Rustic Charm

Another way to visualize and create a bohemian living room is to incorporate natural wood finishes into the furniture. While painting and staining the walls is a great way to add a pop of color, a natural wooden table or bookshelf will bring out that rustic charm. Adding live plants to the mix is also a great way to blend nature with modern scheme.

5. Don’t be Afraid to Go Big on Accessories

From macramé to art prints, the use of colorful accessories is a great way to complete the bohemian design of a living room. Consider adding a statement piece like a macramé wall hanging or a large terracotta planter for a accent to really grab attention. Lush rugs, handmade artwork, and trinkets can also be used to add a unique and customized touch.

Creating a dreamy bohemian living room is an ongoing journey of discovery. Utilizing these essential design tips will help you to create that perfect relaxed, eclectic and livable atmosphere while leaving your guests in awe. With a bit of creativity, color and accessories, you’ll be well on your way to the perfect boho living room.

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