The Top Tips for Creating a Coastal Bedroom

The Top Tips for Creating a Coastal Bedroom

2023-04-25 Off By Jason

Designing a Beach-Inspired Bedroom – Top Tips to Achieve an Ocean Vibe

Creating a beach-inspired bedroom is a great way to bring a cozy, laidback atmosphere to your home. Whether you want to create the perfect vacation getaway or just enjoy the seaside without leaving the comfort of your own home, beach-inspired bedroom decor lets you bring the coast to you. Whether you’re looking for complete bedroom updates or searching for simple decor ideas, these top tips will give you all the inspiration you need to bring the ocean’s bliss to your space.

1. Color strategy

Borrowing hues from the sand and sea is the best way to convey your beach-inspired theme without going overboard. Try a muted palette of white, cream, pale blues, and grays to capture the natural color of the coast. To keep things modern, incorporate a few touches of accent colors, like navy, mustards, and even pinks, to add depth to your design.

2. Neutral and Natural Textures

When choosing new furniture or decor for your beach-inspired bedroom, look for pieces that boast textures that are similar to the ocean and sand. Wicker and rattan bring a bit of bohemian-style charm while inviting in the feeling of a beach house. Wood pieces also add a natural element to the room, while linen and other natural fibers can create a calming effect.

3. Accents and Accessories

Keep the accent pieces light, airy, and natural, choosing items like coral and shells to capture the essence of the coastal atmosphere. For an extra touch of beach charm, opt for pieces that are inspired by ships, like paper stars and anchors, or look for vintage sun-bleached maps to give your room an old-time feel. You can also opt for a few pieces that showcase the beauty of aquatic life, like colorful coral sculptures, wall art, and lamps.

4. Add a Few Furniture Pieces

Coastal-style furniture helps you bring the feel of a beach house to your bedroom. Look for pieces like ottomans, loungers, and neutral-colored chairs that are reminiscent of coastal loungers you’d find by the poolside at a beach resort, or opt for slipcovered upholstered furniture. You can also go for pieces like cabin beds, sleek wardrobes, and nightstands to keep the look clean and modern.

5. Beach Inspired Wall Art

To finish off your beach-inspired bedroom, add a few pieces of wall art that capture the feeling of the coast. Find pieces that showcase boats, ocean scenes, beach-inspired accessories, and even a few pieces of framed art that feature your favorite coastal items like seashells, sea glass, and starfish.

Creating a beach-inspired bedroom is an easy way to create an atmosphere of relaxation and recharge. With just a few simple changes, you can bring the beauty of the ocean right into your own home. All it takes is a few simple changes, like adding a few new pieces of coastal inspired decor and furniture, and you’ll be on your way to achieving a beach-chic bedroom in no time.

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