The Top Tips for Organizing a Laundry Room

The Top Tips for Organizing a Laundry Room

2023-02-28 Off By Jason

How To Maximize Efficiency and Organisation in Your Laundry Room

Whether you’re struggling with an overwhelming number of dirty clothes, or simply want to make your laundry room as beautiful and organised as possible, it’s simple to increase the storage space and achievable to make the laundry room a room to enjoy. Will you get your whites whiter and your blacks blacker? No, but you’ll have extra pockets of space and the motivation to keep it tidy.

Declutter First

Before you start organizing your laundry room, you’ll need to declutter it. The sheer amount of bottles of detergent, fabric softener and tons of other stuff accumulating over the years can be overwhelming. Start by taking everything out of the laundry room and sorting it into three categories:

  • Keep : Items you need or use reguarly
  • Donate: Items you no longer use but are still in good condition
  • Trash: Anything that’s beyond fixing or use

Once you’ve finished sorting everything take all the junk that shouldn’t be in your laundry room out and move on to the rearranging. After this, you should start by measuring the room and making sure you only buy furniture that’ll fit easily into the room.

Store Smartly

The most noticeable difference you’ll see in an organized and well-done laundry room is the cabinetry and shelves. If you don’t have any, you’ll need to invest in some custom cabinetry or DIY ideas. Secondly, you should display all the necessary items in clear labelled and labelled, plastic containers or honeycomb drawers. This way all detergents, softeners, and cleaners are easy to find and use.

You should also think about incorporating a fold or hang station where you can store every child’s uniforms, sports gear or school supplies so they’re always ready to grab and go on their way out.

Stay Organised

To keep your organised laundry room, you’ll need to ensure the basics are covered. The simplest and most effective way to make sure of this is to fill a basket with all your cleaning supplies and store it on a lower shelf. Fill other boxes with items such as lint and socks that often disappear in laundry, and put some clothes hangers in a basket as well.

Now that the basics are covered, you should make sure to keep your laundry room always looking organised. That means following a few rules:

  • Try to do one load a day to avoid over piling
  • Create house rules such as notifying a parent when the last of a particular item is used up, so it can be replenished.
  • Follow a three-basket system: one for whites, one for light colours, and one for dark colours.
  • Set up a basket to collect spare items like socks.

Time Savers

Finally, optimize your laundry room to get your laundry done as quickly and easily as possible. Install a clothes-folding station and hang ironing board on the wall for easy access. You could even install an on-site washing machine so that you don’t have to drag the laundry to the nearest laundromat.

Besides, think about incorporating ‘smart’ technology including a robotic vacuum cleaner as it has sensors to detect dirt, dust, and lint on the floors and walls. Even just putting up a ‘sorting station’ with piles of laundry in different baskets can help with sorting and selecting the right wash cycle.


No matter how small your laundry room, it’s absolutely achievable to take it from chaos to clean and organised. Incorporate a few of these tips and tricks and you’ll get your whites to their whitest and blacks to their blackest.

Go ahead and take an extra step of getting organised. You’ll be able to flip things around in no time, and you’ll have the most organised laundry room in town.

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