The trend of the pop art style as interior decoration

The trend of the pop art style as interior decoration

2022-02-02 Off By Jason

Although it was all the rage in the past, the pop art style is back in style. What should you do to incorporate this trendy style into your interior design?

Short for “folk art,” pop art is an art style that originated in Britain and gradually spread to the United States in the 1950s. Currently, the pop art style is back in fashion. Referring to mainstream culture, this dynamic and colorful style, inspired by American interiors, stands out with its strong colors. You want to adopt the pop art decor? Find in the following the codes of this punchy style.

Cover the walls with pop art paintings or posters

In the pop art decor, you can cover a whole wall with pop art paintings or dress up a whole section with a comic book poster. Don’t hesitate to dare to use imposing wall decorations. This is what makes this style so special, and it is far from being pure. It is generally recommended to mix colors, styles and all sizes of paintings between them.

In the bedroom as well as in the living room, it is possible to cover the entire wall with large pop art style paintings or colorful wallpaper with geometric or graphic patterns. To dress up a corner of the room, you can also use large stickers with comic book bubbles. Let your imagination run wild by playing with volumes and shapes.

Opt for vintage and offbeat furniture

If you love 80’s furniture as well as kitsch and colorful designs, it’s time to dust off your best flea market or yard sale finds to create a successful pop art decor. This type of decoration is actually inspired by the furniture of the 80’s and in particular the fluorescent plastic furniture or some Scandinavian designs.

Moreover, during the decoration of your rooms, do not be afraid of extravagance. Indeed, all the elements that you will have at your disposal (XXL armchairs with rounded curves, old telephones with dials, velvet sofas, etc.) will find their place here.

Since the pop art style gives you the opportunity to let your imagination run wild, opt for accumulation by adding typical decorative objects such as colorful vases, plastic knick-knacks with a retro look and others to your decoration.

Don’t be afraid of bright colors

There can be no pop art decoration without bright colors. Indeed, in this style, the decoration must be present on the walls, furniture and even on the floor. The colors to prioritize are canary yellow, apple green, fuchsia pink and others.

Of course, black is also present. It is generally used to counterbalance the flashy colors present in all the rooms of the house. On the other hand, you will not find here neutral colors like gray or beige, because pop art deco jumps to the eye and has an energetic and dynamic character.

Play with elements that refer to the pop art style

Since the pop art style uses American pop culture and especially movies and literature, you should resort to elements that refer to comics and the world of comics.

For example, you can cover your walls with whole boards or simple vignettes of American comics, speech bubbles or with an image zooming in on the looks of famous characters. Nevertheless, make sure that everything is in bright colors.

In case you are a fan of American movies, you can decorate your rooms with portraits of Marilyn Monroe or replicas of scenes from cult movies. On the other hand, reproductions of Andy Warhol’s works are widely used to give life to a pop art decoration. Among the most famous are the famous Banana painting and the Campbell’s Soup Cans painting.

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